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Agua Claret, previously known by another trade name, was in the process of introducing and positioning its new brand in the market. This digital transition required updating their entire online presence to reflect the new name and effectively communicate the benefits of their product. The main challenge was to create a landing page that captured the essence of the new brand and highlighted the benefits of alkaline water in a clear and attractive way.


We were in charge of designing and developing a landing page for Agua Claret that met the objectives of positioning the new brand and communicating the benefits of the product. We created a visual design that reflected the purity, freshness and superior quality of Agua Claret, we used graphic elements and a color palette that evoked nature and the volcanic origin of the water.
We ensured that the landing page was fully responsive, offering an excellent user experience on mobile and desktop devices.
We optimize loading speed and page performance to improve user experience and search engine ranking.

Project development


Agua Claret's new landing page has managed to effectively position the brand with its new name, highlighting the unique benefits of its alkaline water filtered from the Nevado Volcano of Toluca.
This project reflects our commitment to transforming ideas into digital realities that drive our clients' success. Through close collaboration, we managed to create for Agua Claret a platform that not only meets its positioning objectives, but also inspires the freshness of its product among its consumers.

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