This is just a sample of the work we do at Appix with the aim of putting our skills and knowledge at the service of people so that no one is left out of the digital world.


Leadsales website redesign

Website redesign for CRM #1 in Latin America for social media management, one of the main ways to make yourself known is through a very complete blog on various topics related to your brand.

Isla de Faro web design

Faro Island website design that acts as a commercial ally to internationalize your company, where they guide you to export or import your products and services.

Diseño Erika y Diego website

Diseño de página web para evento de la boda de Erika y Diego, el sitio contiene toda la información necesaria para el evento, así como una galería de fotos, mesa de regalos y confirmación de asistencia.

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Nature First

Website redesign with 100% natural products for the treatment of respiratory diseases.


Website design of 100% natural products, created to raise awareness about the environment.


Website design for an event planning company throughout the Mexican Republic.

Boost Capital

Web page design in its first stage (landing page) for investments in business gamification.

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